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Combine rock racing with tower defense din a art histroy fueled milieu with Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder ACE Team´s game for XBox One and PC.  Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder is an action game with plenty of puzzles and strategy where your objective is to recover the planet that Atlas has lost. To do this, you use giant rocks, and in this second iteration of the game developed by ACE Team (Zenon Earth) the rocks are…well…bigger and better.  Then of course there are the hilarious, Monty Python inspired “cut and paste” animated characters that come from the realms of fiction and history. (The Adam and Eve characters that you can choose are particularly funny).

Super Monkey Ball Meets Monty Python

Your goal in Rock of Ages 2 is to destroy the fortress or castle of a rival while simultaneously protecting your own, which will undopubtedly have a peculiar and intricate aesthetic and design. The method by which you will achieve the destruction of your enemy´s is by hurling a giant rock through the door of their castle. If you´re familiar with the old school Sega platforms and you played the classic game Super Monkey Ball will be familiar with the feel of the game, manouevering the balls through obstacles in motion and other static booby traps.

Improved Graphics, Physics, and Destructible Environments with the UE4 Motor

There´s also a new multi-player mode for 4 players (2 against 2) and new historiocal periods. the game mixes up fictional and historical characters quite well (Medusa to Van Gogh and beyond). It all makes for a comical and surreal gma eplay experienced with excelent graphics and physics that are powered by the Unreal Engine 4 motor.