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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a tactical shooting game that is available for Microsoft Windows users. It has been developed by Antimatter Games and published by Tripwire Interactive. You can download the game from the Storm database. The game is set in the Vietnam War and is one in a series of shooting games. The battles that players find themselves in are based on historic battles. The game emphasises the role of a single shooter in large scale teamwork. Players have a range of Vietnam War specific weapons available to them as they progress through the stages of the game and lead their squad to victory.

Multiplayer Modes Available

One of the excellent features of the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam game is the three multiplayer modes that can be used. This is said to enhance the whole experience of the game according to many players. The three multiplayer modes are:

Supremacy. This involves the team finding and holding objectives across a map. Points are awarded for the number of objectives held. The team with the greater score wins the game. A tie break and sudden death rounds are also available in this mode.

Skirmish. This is an alternative take on the supremacy mode. This involves finding objectives on a smaller map in teams of 8 players. Teams must find and hold objectives across the whole map swell as get rid of the enemies spawn tickets.

Territories. This is the standard multiplayer game mode where players are divided into teams and have to take over as many objectives as possible on the map. This is against a timer.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a great addition to the Rising Storm series and will be enjoyed by many people. It is a great shooting game based on true, historic events that makes it all the more exciting. The three multiplayer modes add to the fun!