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Risen 2: Dark Waters is a solitary player dream-themed action role-playing amusement and the continuation of Risen by Piranha Bytes. It is distributed by Deep Silver. The video game is a privateer themed game, yet it exchanges the exemplary Caribbean private topics to a dreamland where creatures, old divine beings, and voodoo enchantment exist.


Risen 2: Dark waters video, players take control of the principal character in a third-person point of view to investigate the in-diversion world, finish missions and tweak their character’s capacities. While the physical appearance of the player character can’t be changed, different attributes including dress and ranges of abilities can. All through the movement of the amusement, players can enhance five key properties, each with their own emphasis on various styles of gameplay. The “Blades” quality decides capability and utilization of swords, blades, tossing weapons and other slicing/pushing weaponry while “Guns” spins around pistols, rifles and other black powder based weaponry. “Toughness” decides the level of which harm that can be taken from various assaults while “Cunning” spotlights on stealth including sneaking, burglary and influencing different characters. The last characteristic is “Voodoo” that rotates around the utilization of dark enchantment and different customs both deadly and non-deadly that can be used all through the play. Each trait covers numerous various sub-classes for each known as Talents, which are aptitudes that speak to various advantages and capacities.


Attributes, alongside their particular abilities, are stepped up by spending a particular measure of “Glory”. The glory is picked up by the player through finishing journeys, finding new areas and vanquishing foes. Singular talents, nevertheless, can likewise be stepped up using certain things, some with changeless or just brief lifts. This is extra to various tradable things of apparel and gems, each with their own particular ability upgrades and levels of the resistance.
Certain different aptitudes can likewise be learned by getting lessons and guidance from expertise particular coach characters found all through the game world. Every aptitude/ability, however, requires a specific level ascribe to as of now be met while additionally regularly now and again a measure of in-diversion gold to be given. Like brilliance, gold is gathered through movement while likewise through pitching things to merchants who can likewise offer things in the meantime.