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Developed by Tripwire Interactive, Red Orchestra 2 is an award-winning realistic military shooter set in WW2. With gripping gameplay mechanics, breathtaking graphics and sounds, and a streamlined multiplayer experience, this standalone expansion will introduce you to the gritty combat of the 1940’s, as the US battle the Imperial Japanese army. With a variety of locations to choose from, there are a plethora of choices for large-scale combat in different environments, whether it’s storming a protected shore, or strategically moving through forests.

Weaponry redefined

Hosting a variety of weaponry, each team can battle their way to the winning spot using the balanced tools at their disposal, with variety per team giving enjoyable gameplay. The introduction of true to life ballistics, breath management, weapon bracing, and much more give the game its renown realistic feel.

Alongside the gritty realism of the large-scale multiplayer, the balanced weaponry gives a massive variance in gameplay to your choosing, with anything from scoped rifles to flamethrowers.

Full modding support

With the introduction of a fully functional SDK, anyone can quickly create new content for the game and share it using the Steam Workshop. Giving the game even more longevity, and variety in content from talented modders around the world.

Statistics tracking

Monitoring your performance over every game you play is simple with the built-in resources allowing you see global statistics. Alongside the ranking system, you can quickly unlock more personalisation whilst earning achievements, and show off your high rankings.