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The ‘One Piece World Seeker’ game is a game that ushers in the anime and manga franchise to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC gaming communities. The game gives you a chance of swinging, bouncing, and spinning your way in an open world of free cartoon pirate adventure. This is an ambitious project by Ganbarion’s studio to take the anime into a modern gaming world. The game has some interplay by Koji Nakajima, the director, paired with some great screenplay.

Interesting Facts About Luffy

Luffy, the protagonist in the game, has rubber-based powers that help him to perform agile feats that are paired with unarmed combat. Some of the moves that Luffy has, can be attributed to the powers that Peter Parker has in Spider-Man. The end result is a performance that goes beyond the usual melee range. Brandai-Namco has come up with a different breed of a superhero. One of the interesting things about Luffy is the whimsical, bare-handed fighting style that exhibits little stabbing and shooting, which presents him as a hero who approaches justice in a different approach.

Features of the Game

One aspect about the game that captures a gamers attention is the well-defined characters who stand out from the backdrops. Although the seas and the sky are clear with colour, the castle and the paths are presented in a muted palette, which allows the protagonists and their outfits to be distinct. The general feel that is seen is the outstanding characters that are on a static backdrop.

The game is built for players who would like to go on an action-packed journey, where the legendary Gum-Gum fruit powers can be experienced, as the players uncover hidden secrets, on a unique island. The concept of the open-world setup for the game is to convey an atmosphere of adventure that is common with the developing company.