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My Time At Portia is a simulation RPG game developed by Pathea Games and published by Team17 Digital Ltd. Live out a whole new life in the charming town of Portia, build a successful farm by growing crops and raising animals, restore your father’s old workshop and befriend the town’s many quirky individuals.
Inspired by the beautiful artstyle of a Studio Ghibli film, My Time At Portia will surely dazzle with its both colorful and comfortable presentation.

Get To Work:

Restore your father’s workshop and fulfill daily commissions given by the various villagers, gather resources and convert the derelict woodland around your home into a thriving business, or maybe just a quaint and homely farm? It is totally up to you.

Creativity Rules:

Decorate your lot with a great range of craftable furniture and decor, upgrade rooms and much much more. Apply your own touch and make something truly unique!

Join The Community:

Integrate yourself into the town of Portia, get to know everyone and their unique personalities, or will you be a shut-in? Who knows though, maybe you’ll strike it lucky and a romance could be forged?

Explore And Fight:

Portia isn’t all sunshine and rainbows though, explore the deep ancient ruins for sweet resources and loot but don’t go unprepared, you’ll be spoiling for a battle with some fearsome foes. Maybe you’ll even discover the ancient secrets of Portia?

Level Up:

My Time At Portia features rich RPG elements that will certainly aid you in your adventures, whether dangerous or not. Increase your battle prowess or how skilled a lumberjack you are, even level up those social skills so you can more easily smooth talk that certain special someone.

Live A New Life:

There’s so much to do in this strange new world, too much chopping wood got you down? Try your hand at cooking instead or challenge the townspeople to Rock-Paper-Scissors. Get involved in the wide array of mini-games ranging from animal riding and get stuck in to the several festivals that occur in town, or just chill on your lonesome and simply go fishing.