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Final Fantasy 7 remake, a forthcoming ARPG video game, was developed as well as published by a Japanese company called Square Enix for PS4. It’s a remake of the PlayStation game called Final Fantasy 7, which was released in 1997. It retells the original tale following Cloud Strife while together with AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist group, fight the corrupt Shinra megacorporation, plus Shinra soldier, the rogue former.


Rumours regarding Square Enix starting development on the remake appeared in 2014. This came from an insider source of the industry. In 2015, the remake was officially announced at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) during the PlayStation conference.

Visual works created the announcement trailer. The stock prices of Square Enix rose after that announcement to their highest ever rating since Nov 2008. Within the following 2 weeks, the YouTube reveal trailer release garnered more than 10 million views.


The gameplay is designed to be a blending of real-time action compared to that of Dissidia Final Fantasy. Strategic elements and the video game itself will be released officially as a multipart series.


Unlike ports of the initial game released for computers plus other high-definition (HD) platforms, this video game is said to be a full remake that’s built from the ground up. It features full polygonal graphics instead of the original pre-rendered environments.

Exploration and Battle Mechanics

The footage that was shown at the PSX 2015 demonstrated battle mechanics, and exploration, which all take place in real-time just like Final Fantasy XV.

Magic and Summons

Players will be able to use summons and magic. Once charged, Limit Break gauge will allow characters to be capable of performing more powerful attacks.

Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, said that the video game has more real-time components, like selecting magic and weapons for each character to use.

Real-Time Battle System

Unlike the original game’s Active Time Battle system, the remake is using a real-time battle system that is the same as the Kingdom Hearts series (owned by Disney), which allows the player to freely control the character Cloud or any of his allies as they’re using their respective weapons to combat foes.