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The developers of the Dead Dozen game are the Russian indie studio. The game is a horror Multiplayer action that involves the survivors and the ghouls. Once you die as a human in the game, you immediately shift into a ghoul. As a survivor, you must thieve, obstruct, and cooperate to keep going. On the other hand, when playing as a ghoul, your role is to infect and consume your previous human friends.

The Dead Dozen game has three main elements. The first element is once you die as a survivor you rise as a ghoul. Once you raise, you immediately kill your former associates. After you kill them in the next element, you destroy brittle walls, rupture ceilings, and grounds. Finally, the last element is that you must get the best out of being a ghoul. Here, you use the distinct abilities and infect survivors to spread the fright or the panic among them all.

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