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Darksiders 3 is a 3rd person, single-player, action-adventure game made by developers Gunfire Games. The plot is based on a war-torn earth in which you control the protagonist called Fury. Fury’s mission is to eventually destroy the Seven Deadly Sins. Each sin has a boss and environment type dedicated to it which you must traverse and defeat them. The developers have chosen to make the art style of Darksiders 3 much more vibrant and colourful compared to previous titles in the series which will be noticed upon playing.


As one of the four Horseman Of The Apocalypse, You must rely on the force of your whips and magic to eliminate your enemies. There will also be puzzles scattered throughout the world to test your skills in areas other than combat. This is a classic Hack ‘n’ Slash type game that all lovers of games such a God Of War and Devil May Cry will enjoy.


As with many other Hack ‘n’ Slash titles there are multiple methods of progressing within the game. These include upgrading moves, weapons and combos. Enemies will change based on the environment and boss you are working towards. So you will always encounter new things as you progress through the bosses.


Darksiders 3 is a big improvement to the previous titles in the series. There are no load screens due to the level design being one big giant piece that’s all connected. This allows players to go back to parts of levels which could be hours ahead or behind within the plot the player is currently in. If you like action-adventure games with a plot and progression potential then this game should be one to keep an eye on for 2018.