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Civilization VI is the latest in the classic line of turn based, empire building Civilization games designed originally by Sid Meiers. The game is developed by Firaxis Games.

Build, Expand and Conquer

Civilization VI is the latest and greatest in the series of turn based empire builders. Play against the computer AI or, in multiplayer mode, choose to play with or against other players online. Starting from the Stone Age the aim is to collect resources and research new technologies which open up the ability to modernise and create new technologies. As you city grows and you increase your terrain many new choices become available. Will you go to war with your neighbours or create a trade or diplomatic agreement with them? With many new enhancements and improvements in the AI in this installment the player has an almost infinite degree of choice meaning that no game will ever be the same.

Onwards and Upwards

Whether you are a veteran of the series or new to the genre the game is designed to be played and enjoyed by everyone. Incorporating a built-in tutorial system that enables all players to dig deep into the mechanics of the game and master the numerous ways of playing and beating the competition. The beauty of this game is the continual opening up of new possibilities, mine a new resource and options become available relevant to that item, maybe allowing the building of new units. This rewarding style of gameplay epitomises the “just one more go” factor as the player is able to experiment with each game and each unit on the different outcomes that will open up. With such a vast game it will take a long time to see all that there is on offer, and you will definitely want to see it all!