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Bus Simulator 18 is the third game in the real-life-bus-driver simulation series. It is developed by Valve Corporation and distributed digitally through Steam.
It is, exactly what it says on the tin – a simulation of a bus.

I know, I know… The prospect of returning home from a hard days graft, only to find yourself upstairs, on your computer, driving a pretend bus around an imaginary bus route is not everyone’s idea of an enthralling pastime; even more so if you’re in the trade of bus driving. Believe it or not, though, it’s quite brilliant.
The deeper you delve, you will realise that it’s not only about driving a bus around a city – of which there are many beautiful, make-believe cities to journey around, but it’s more about running a business. A bus company, in fact.

The bus

In the game, you encounter everything that you would expect to encounter as a bus driver, like annoying passengers playing their music too loud, poor weather conditions, disabled access for your less mobile patrons and the task of actually learning how to drive a bus. It’s harder than you think.

When you’ve got to grips with your vehicle, and your passengers, you can begin to build your empire; one fare at a time. The more money you earn, the more routes you can take. And the more routes you take, the more money you earn. But with more money comes more responsibility and you’ll be tasked with the design of your bus as well as the upkeep and smooth running. All of which can attract or repel custom.

If you like simulation games like The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon or Tropico, then Bus Simulator 18 is a great little no-stress pastime. Just watch out for those fare-dodgers.