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The blackwake game is a naval PvP action where players on-board an 18th-century ship to chase down enemy vessels. This online game requires teamwork and excellent communication to succeed. Blackwake is currently on Steam in alpha. In this game, you can either play as a navy member or a pirate.  As one of the crew members out on the rising seas, your mission is to go after your enemies and blow up their troops or sink their vessels to deplete their supplies and also drain the respawn tickets of the enemy faction before your faction expires. Since this action is entirely on PvP combat, there is no tale.


The captain manages the ship, shouts out any orders, and also permits the use of particular objects such as grapple hook. The other members of the crew contribute to the struggle in a flexible way because there are no specified classes apart from the captain.To remain effective in the naval contest, all members of the will have to communicate, contribute, and adapt when the need arises. Some can focus on using cannons or any other guns, though if no one is putting out fires, pumping out water, or keeping the vessel repaired; your ship will most likely sink, killing everyone. Besides the naval combat, it’s possible to board your enemy vessels either by grapple hooking or swimming to them. The close range battle is fun, but it’s quite chaotic as well due to the friendly fire and inability to know your friends from enemies. Due to the extended reload times of this game, melee combat is more popular when boarding.

Key Features

Different Ships – You can sail aboard using one of the many ships, accommodating between eight and forty players.No Class Roles – The players are not limited to a single role, but they are free to engage in any task that’s required to get you victory.Dynamic Battles – The wave of the battle keeps changing: ram your vessels, board enemy ships, and make sure your boat does not engulf in flames. Cooperative Gameplay – Destroying enemy vessels needs a wise captain and good coordination. Scenario-Based Game Mode – You can compete in real mode, faction versus faction, and many more.