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Artifact is a forthcoming digital collectible card game (DCCG) developed as well as published by Valve Corporation. It will be released in November 2018 for Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows. It will be released for iOS and Android devices the following year.


Artifact’s gameplay is to build a collectable cards deck, obtained through buying or trading with fellow players who are on the Steam Marketplace, to defeat an enemy in a 1v1 situation. The game is heavily based on and features lots of elements from Dota 2, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that was also developed by Valve Corporation.


Artifact is different from most other common collectible card games because it features 3 lanes that are guarded by a tower. Each lane exists as its very own independent board. The winner is the first player who will either manage to destroy a structure known as “Ancient”, which emerges after the destruction of a tower or the first player to destroy 2 towers in total.

Decks and Cards

Each deck have forty cards and includes 5 heroes, with approximately 300 total cards available at launch. Also, cards are grouped into 3 rarity tiers: rare, uncommon and common. They are further grouped into 4 colour themes (blue, black, green and red), each having their own different effects on the board.


All lanes have their own independent mana pool used for casting the hero capabilities and regenerates by 1 point after each round. Also, item cards can be freely placed as well as used in any lane. The initiative will pass to the opposing player every time card is being played.

After all the cards have played in a lane “creeps” and heroes, which are weak, but lots of mobs that can’t be directly controlled and then respawn every round, start to attack everything that’s opposite them. This includes the opposing tower if no units are left.

Shopping Phase

This will repeat until all 3 have been played, then it will go to the Shopping Phase. Here, the gold that was accumulated during battles will be spent on purchasing items plus upgrading hero equipment in 3 different slots for accessories, armour and weapons.