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The plague tale: innocence is one of the latest fast-growing online games in the entertainment platform. This game was invented by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive. It going to be released in May 2019. The game belongs to the Action and Adventure/ puzzle category.

The game outlook

This game involves two orphan siblings (Amicia and her smaller brother Hugo) who fight to survive in the first phase of the plague war that takes place in a hundred years.
It contains a series of survival tactics and puzzles that involves scaring away hordes of huge hungry rats toward murders knights ( who are also the characters enemies) by using fire to distract them. There is no escape route for the two siblings and for this reason the two siblings have to invent ways to survive. The plague emerges from a dead horse that bursts out a huge number of rats. The game may seem more of a horror game although it is meant to bring out and improve the relationship of these siblings

How to play

The game made on a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is only played by one player who controls Amicia to throw rocks and strings towards drawbridges and the stun guards who are attacked by the rats which give way for the two siblings. Amicia is also able to invent other methods of scaring away the rats like staring fire along the path, using sulfur stones that help to ignite brazers.

The game contains two threats that are the human threat and the plague threat. But with the help of the other young brother, Hugo is able uptake tasks like pushing a fire trolley to scare away these rats when Amicia is busy. The two brothers are able to take instructions as directed by them by the player( who in this case is Amicia). If the rats get closer to the characters or even climb on them, the character may either scare them away using fire rods but if she does not react faster, she dies. Taking the challenge and managing it, is the main theme of this game.